Growth Removal

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Based on whether a growth is benign or malignant, growth removal can be either an option or a necessity. Regardless of the type of growth being addressed, proper removal is key. To learn more about growth removal in Hilton Head Island, patients can contact Hilton Head Dermatology for a personalized consultation.

What Is Growth Removal?

Growth removal is a procedure that can be accomplished through multiple methods depending on the circumstance and the severity of each case. The location of the growth can also restrict the ways that it can be removed.

The goal of growth removal is complete removal of the lesion in its entirety in order to prevent it from coming back. This can often be done via excision, which is a surgical procedure that involves using a scalpel to cut away the targeted growth.

There are many different types of growths that this procedure can address. These include moles, cysts, benign (seborrheic) keratosis, and cancerous bumps.

Good Candidates for Growth Removal

Patients who want a safe and reliable way to get rid of a skin growth would be good candidates for a growth removal procedure. Patients should not be recovering from any recent major surgical procedures. Pregnant patients should discuss their options during the consultation.

Your Consultation

During the growth removal consultation at Hilton Head Dermatology, patients will be asked questions about their medical history, general health, and any specific concerns regarding the skin lesion. The targeted lesion will then be examined to determine if additional tests are required to see how severe the issue is.

A growth-removal method will be chosen, and then the process behind the procedure will be explained. Patients are advised to take this opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

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Treatment Options

As mentioned, excision is one of the most common methods of growth removal. However, there are also other options available, such as cauterization, cryosurgery, electrocautery, and ligation. Depending on the severity of the problem, the procedure can be quite extensive in scope.

Growth Removal Aftercare

Plenty of rest is recommended during the recovery period following growth removal. This applies regardless of which method was used. However, less-extensive sessions can lead to faster recovery, with some cases allowing patients to return to regular activities quickly.

How Much Does Growth Removal Cost?

The cost of growth removal will depend on a few pertinent factors, such as how the procedure will be done. Price can be discussed during the consultation.

Set Up a Consultation

For more information about growth removal in Hilton Head Island, patients can schedule a consultation with Hilton Head Dermatology.